‘In service lies success

The 'toy'

The ‘toy’

My yard maintenance story started back in 2010 with my uncontrollable desire to own a new toy. We call it ‘my toy’, but it’s actually an ASV PT-30 mini track loader.

After purchasing the machine and having fun with it, it was time to pay for it. Research showed a demand for small-scale earth-work, tree planting and posthole drilling. Great! It was the perfect excuse to purchase an attachment to drill holes in the ground. With every groundskeeping project completed, I was asked to do another, and the arsenal of attachments grew for the ‘toy’.

This work led to doing lawn and garden renovations. Willing to get my hands dirty and taking exceptional pride in my work, customers started asking if I would maintain their property, giving me another excuse to buy more toys.

At this point it was beyond buying toys and playing in the garden. It was time to put a solid business plan together and acquire the equipment to do the job properly. As time progressed, the customers and services grew and so did the toys. I was a one man band offering everything from tree planting to lawn and garden renovations to storm water management to full year round groundskeeping services.

In 2014, I made the decision to purchase the groundskeeping division of a well-established landscaping business and take my business to the next level. There is now no ‘I’ in this venture. We are a fully equipped, full service groundskeeping corporation.

Focusing on timely, high quality, year round services across the London area, we meet and surpass your expectations. We consider it a privilege and not a right to provide our services to you, and yes, the customer always has the last say. If you’re not satisfied, we don’t succeed.

Austin Pitcher

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