Snow Removal and Ice Control

Pushing and blowing your winter worries awaysnowblower
With our Canadian winters, it’s a burden keeping up with clearing the snow from your driveway and walk-ways for both home and business owners. Stay nice and cozy inside and let us remove the snow and de-ice the areas around your home or business that can pose a threat for falling and injuring yourself. You’ll appreciate it, and so will your insurance company!

Shovel Crew
Offering a dedicated crew to clear the snow from your pathways, steps and porches, in a timely manner, for both our residential and business clients.

Plow truck fleet
Offering our business clients a time sensitive service, across the city of London, with a dedicated plow and salter truck service.

Tractor fleet
With tractors strategically placed throughout the city of London, we?re equipped to clear the snow from your sensitive driveways in a timely manner. These units have been specifically set up with blowers and blades that will not damage your stamped concrete and paving stone driveways.


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